HearMe- Persatuan IbuBapa Anak Bermasalah Pendengaran is an association founded by moms whose deaf children have cochlear implants or hearing aids.

What do HEARME do?

  •  Offer contact, information and support based on first-hand experience
  •  Put families in touch with others who have relevant experiences to share, eg cause of deafness, additional needs, method of communication, educational provision
  • Organise a regular information day
  • Arrange social events for the whole family
  • Liaise with other agencies
  • Raise awareness of cochlear implants

Why do HEARME do this?

Today's technology is fantastic, but it does not work alone. Emotional support still plays a vital part and this is where HEAR ME can help. Apart from providing information, we have a large network of families who have experienced many different scenarios and are happy to help others. Through this network parents can:

  • Learn from others who have faced the same issues
  • Gain support and strength from sharing experiences
  • Pick up valuable tips from others on everyday life with the child
  • Experience empathy and understanding of the good and the not so good

Making contact and networking helps to empower families and their children to derive the best possible benefit from hearing aids / Cochlear implants. It's all about ending isolation and sharing first-hand experience.

Find out more at http://hear-me.wixsite.com/parents