Hearing Aid Forum – is the FIRST Malaysian hearing healthcare related portal, emphasize on hearing loss information sharing, comment by hearing aid users, tips of hearing improvement action, solution availability, industry updates pertaining audiological solution.

Hearing Aid Forum - is managed by an expertise team who has wide experience in Malaysia audiology industry, with objective of providing complimentary hearing knowledge sharing with local community.

Hearing Aid forum - is working with strong network of convenient neighborhood hearing care centers across the country that continually strives to render best quality hearing care solution to Malaysian.

Hearing Aid forum - interacts closely with industry institution, government reimbursement authority, non-profit organization to sharing all kind of non-commercial industry news in the forum.

Hearing Aid forum -  We advocate the best quality of hearing products from Europe and America. The world's most reputable brands in Malaysia are Phonak, Siemens, Oticon, Resound, Starkey and Widex.