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Below are the big "Six" hearing aid manufacturer whom dominated >95% world wide market share of hearing aid sold.

Hearing Aid brand Country of Origin Introduction
PHONAK, under group of SONOVA AG from Switzerland, is the world largest hearing aid manufacturer with more than 70 years present.

PHONAK, is well recognized by audiology professionals with its innovative technology breakthrough.

Phonak introduced the first chip based hearing aid, rechargeable solution, android compatible hearing aid.

Phonak, is currently supply thru more than 100 Hearing care centers in Malaysia, also available at all major private medical centers and hospitals.

For more information, visit www.phonak.com or www.swissmedicare.com.my

** World ranking quoted from hearinglossjournal.

Oticon hearing aid, under group of William Demant from Denmark, is currently world second largest hearing aid manufacturer with more than 70 years present.

Oticon is currently selling in Malaysia and supply via its own retail chain, named The Hearing Partners.

** World ranking quoted from hearinglossjournal.

Signia hearing aid, formerly known as Siemens, is now under Sivantos group with headquarter located in Singapore.

Signia has been actively selling in Asia since late 1990s.

Signia is currently in Malaysia selling via selected private hearing care centres.

ReSound hearing aid is part of the GN ReSound Group from Denmark, one of the world's largest providers of hearing instruments and diagnostic audiological equipments.

ReSound is represented in more than 80 countries for more than 70 years.

ReSound in Malaysia is selling via retailers based online.

Starkey Hearing Aid is an American privately owned company and had been present in the global market for 50 years.

They begin to Starkey Hearing Foundation in 1984 to provide aids for those who cannot afford.

In Malaysia, Starkey is represented by a private sole distributor named Best Hearing Aid Centre Sdn Bhd.

Widex hearing aid is a family owned company founded in 1956 and present worldwide for more than 60 years.

They started to distribute hearing aids in Malaysia since late 1990s and managed by local distributor named Top Hearing Care Centre.