The advantages of wearing two hearing aids:

  1. Safety
    When you hear with only one ear, the difficulty in locating a sound can be dangerous, especially on the road.
  2. Wider hearing range
    A voice barely heard at three metres with one ear, can be heard up to ten metres away with two ears.
  3. Both ears stay active
    When you wear a hearing aid in only one ear, and both ears have a hearing loss, the unused ear loses its ability to hear and understand.
  4. Superior sound identification
    Noises that sound almost exactly the same out of one ear can be heard differently and identified with two ears.
  5. Hearing from both sides
    As nature intended, hearing with two ears enables you to participate in conversations on either side allowing you to enjoy the social life you are accustomed to.
  6. Improved understanding
    Hearing with both ears helps you understand individual voices with greater clarity.
  7. Restful listening
    Listening with only one ear is a mental strain and can cause stress and anxiety.
  8. Cushioning loud sounds
    Sudden, loud noises lose much of their jarring effect when divided between two ears.
  9. Smoother tone quality
    Hearing with two ears generally requires less volume, giving a more natural sound to voices, music and television.
  10. Better hearing in background noise
  11. When you lost/ send one aid for repair- you have another one to hear at least