There are several experts you can talk to who will assess your hearing based on a hearing test, and determine what steps to take on your venture to better hearing:

The Audiologist

A highly trained health care professional that holds a doctorate degree and is recognized in for their specialty in testing hearing and providing solutions for hearing health care.

ENT physician

A physician who specializes in medical issues regarding the ear, nose and throat (ENT). May also be referred to as Otologist, Otolaryngologist and neuro-Otologist are alternative names. They are trained in both the medical and surgical treatment of hearing, ear infections, balance disorders, ear noise (tinnitus), nerve pain, and facial and cranial nerve disorders. Otolaryngologists also manage congenital (birth) disorders of the outer and inner ear. Usually they will be the one that do the ear toileting and treat any medical condition such as ear infections, tumour in the ear or nerve etc before further referrals to the audiologists for full hearing assessment.

Speech Language Therapists

Speech-language therapists screen, assess, identify and treat speech, language, voice, fluency (stuttering), swallowing and feeding problems for all age groups in addition to advocating for the prevention of these disorders.