People affected by hearing loss often find it difficult to recognize and accept it. In most cases hearing loss develops over a long period of time. Therefore, it often takes a while before the symptoms are identified.

Are any of the following situations familiar to you? Please check the boxes for the situations that apply. (if you have more than 3 signs, we strongly encourage you to get your hearing tested)


  • I sometimes feel that people are not speaking clearly (mumbling).
  • When people address me from behind or from a few feet away, I have difficulty understanding them.
  • I feel tired or even a little irritated after a long conversation.
  • Sometimes I have to ask people to repeat themselves because I did not hear what they said to me.
  • In situations with a high noise level, e.g. in restaurants, on the train, or at parties, I have difficulty understanding other people.
  • I find it hard to hear birds singing, footsteps, running water, and other soft everyday sounds.
  • I sometimes fail to hear the doorbell or telephone.
  • I have trouble talking over the phone.
  • I turn the television or radio up louder than other people. When someone else controls the volume, I have problems understanding.
  • Other people have told me that I don't hear well.