Do I Really Need an Annual Hearing Test?

Wondering if you’re overdue for a hearing check-up? Health professionals recommend getting a baseline hearing test by the time you reach adulthood and an annual hearing test after age 55. Here’s why:

Hearing Loss Usually Goes Undetected Until It’s Serious

No one wakes up one day thinking, “My hearing just isn’t what it was this time last year.” Instead, most people wait to get their hearing tested until they’re experiencing serious communication problems – an average of 10 years after the first signs of hearing loss appear.  By monitoring your hearing for changes, you can catch problems before they have a chance to impact your life.

Reason 2: Hearing Loss is Tied to Serious Health Problems

Studies have linked hearing loss to major health problems including depression and dementia. Getting hearing loss treated promptly has been shown to both reduce depression symptoms and to help maintain cognitive functioning.

Reason 3: Hearing Loss is Bad for Relationships

You’re annoyed about having to ask people to repeat themselves. Meanwhile, family and friends feel like you’re just not paying attention. While you may think you hear okay, just a few misunderstandings each day can take their toll at both home and work.

In reality, many of these problems are common signs of hearing loss:

  • You often ask others to repeat what they say.
  • You feel like everyone is mumbling.
  • You have trouble understanding speech when there’s a lot of background noise or when the speaker is behind you.
  • Others complain you have the TV or radio on too loud.

Whether or not you suspect you have a hearing loss, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your hearing with an annual hearing checkup. The test is free, painless and takes less than an hour.

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